Friday, May 15, 2009

A quick note to add

We golfed today. We're not big city fancy golfers... we play on a par 3 nine hole public course about a half hour from work. Today we just went out and played nine holes after work. It wasn't glamorous, I didn't golf particularly well. For those not in the know, they allow you to graciously stop counting your strokes when you reach double par (so anything after 6 strokes counts as 6.) I didn't really keep score today, but had some nice shots. It was great outside, sweet Vermont Friday-night-in-May air, an uncrowded course, and some average golfing.

Last year when we started golfing, there was always the risk that you might at any point do something intensely embarrassing. Miss the ball, or send it flying in a very unnatural angle. Now we can just go out and play nine holes. It's not pretty but it's not UGLY. That feels good.

So the challenge has been put out there to play eighteen holes tomorrow, with a quick bit of driving range beforehand to loosen up. This will be my first time! Hubby has played eighteen holes a few times. Again it will be a public course, nothing fancy. But I'm not a fancy gal.

We got some pizza after golf tonight. Most times we get pizza, which is not all that often, we get it and take it home, at which point it's decidedly not the temperature it should be. Tonight we took action and enjoyed a few slices in the pizza place. The pizza was of perfect temperature and consistency ("well done"). My best pizza experience in ages. This place is a ways away from our house, because it is about ten miles as the crow flies, but there is this pesky mountain range in the way. So we get regular coupons for a free one topping pizza. The catch is, we have to drive around a mountain to get it.

Ah Vermont. At least the flowers are blooming here. More about our first summer in the new house soon. We do have a raised bed built, but not yet filled with topsoil. Our seedlings are inside waiting to be transplanted.

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