Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Look Outside

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Here in Vermont, the beauty is just astounding.  The land is known for its explosion of color and this year the reds, yellows, and oranges spring up and transform daily.

I completed my yoga therapist certification in late August!  Woohoo!  This (above) image is actually the spot where I went to do a photo shoot for my business website last week.  It's just a stunning view.  I used to live nearby this spot and it's very powerful and meaningful for me to do work photos there.

I find myself in the midst of many pots on the stove, so to speak.  There are many projects I’m cooking up.  Connections to tend, roots to spread, content to create.  With so many to-do’s to make progress with, it’s easy to feel frustrated with the ebb and flow of family life.  But I am so grateful for my family!  And each dinner hustle that breaks over the dining room table into a moment of shared thanks, our hands clasped, is the heart of life and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

So I take this autumn as a time to reflect on change.

Change is at the heart of our yoga teachings.  Usually, we're trying to hold onto things and fearing change!  However, there is also a competing desire - the desire to enact change in the face of the status quo.

I get frustrated with my stasis... my inability to make all my projects "come true" on my timeline, my inability to shift my daily habits as much as I'd like.  But then I look around and know, deeply, that change swirls around us, constantly.

Observe change.  Bless each day.  Give thanks for life.  

And may the projects unfold in a harmonious manner.