Thursday, May 14, 2009

back in the studio

Awesome practice yesterday. I felt really good and happy to be there. It wasn't like I was perfect in poses or anything, I did kick out in standing head to knee and managed to hold it for a bit, but it wasn't about pose perfection, really.

It was more about just feeling stronger each day. When I lock the knee and really strengthen the standing leg on the balancing poses it's like I have more muscles every day to activate. My quads now seem to "turn on" all the way up to the hip. That gives me more stability in the poses. Especially balancing stick posture.

After doing one double, I want to practice every day now. I want to do doubles if I can. Because of the frequency of class offerings, the next chance I have to do a double I think is Monday... I'm totally addicted to bikram.

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