Monday, May 11, 2009

Class 1 of the summer

Yesterday, Sunday, was class one of my summer yoga training challenge.

I really enjoyed doing standing pulling bow pose. I have found an instruction that I previously didn't pay much attention to (keep the chin close to the shoulder) has given me an additional bit of stability in the pose, a rigidity of sorts, that keeps me aligned nicely in the upper body. I'll figure out this html thing soon and post some pics.

I had a great idea yesterday to start a challenge to help me pay for training. If some people I know will pledge a dollar a class, it will help me immensely with training costs. I doubt I'd be able to take more than 100 classes from now till September One. Anyway it's an idea in its infancy, but I already have two sponsors. Thank you sister and husband!!!

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Julia L. said...

I am so excited to support you sistah! I LOVE how much this excites you and your positive energy is really contagious!