Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Happy Blogiversary! A giveaway for followers!

Many thanks. Today is my blogiversary!

Last year I started this blog as the dream of attending Bikram Yoga Fall Teacher Training 2009 materialized in my mind. Teaching yoga is something I knew I wanted to do from the first moment I sat down to stretch with a book I received as a gift – The Supple Body http://www.amazon.com/Supple-Body-Fitness-Strength-Flexibility/dp/0028604415. I learned the routines and practiced them on a family trip to China for three weeks. As we cruised along the Yangtze River I awoke and stretched on the upper deck of the boat, watching the fields go by. The air was murky, the water a churning yellow, and the landscape serene in the morning sun. The quiet and calm of purposeful stretching inspired an introspective mental state that felt like home to me. That was in 2000.

As the spring Bikram teacher training gets under way, I reflect on all the changes in my life since I made that decision to go to training last fall. It was a grueling experience and I am indeed fireproof (as Bikram would say) for having come through it. I am pleased that trial-by-fire training was my first. I will teach lots of yoga in my lifetime, only some of it being Bikram. Not everyone is ready to step into the hot room. I will go to them; I believe in the power of practicing and learning about one's own body. In my opinion, everyone needs to experience the vessel through which they experience life - in an intimate and personal way. Yoga is the method I use for that work (any yoga butt that ensues is a definite plus ha ha).

My goal as a teacher in the workplace and in the studio is to be a model of self-acceptance in the practice of yoga. I strive to practice patiently with a good attitude and a smile, whether I'm falling out of standing bow for the umpteenth time or doing restorative practice surrounded by pillows. I have fulfilled a life long dream and my life is much fuller for it.

I'm giving away a fabulous prize to express gratitude for my blog followers. Thanks swankysoothers (on Etsy.com)! I got one for myself too. Hey - it's my blogiversary - I can relax if I want to.
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These awesome 100% organic wraps are made with flaxseed and rice for ultimate heat therapy! They are lightly scented with soothing lavender chamomile and smell sooo great! They are made with swanky, designer fabric- you will look good while relaxing :)! Can be used hot or cold. To heat just warm in the microwave in 30 second intervals (they come with instructions). Eye soothers can be warmed for 1-2 minutes. Eye measures approx. 3x10. Flaxseed is great for retaining heat and moisture and giving a calming effect. Rice is also great for retaining heat. ****lavender and chamomile create a calming and soothing scent, great for right before bed!****

Here's the deal :
  • If you are a PUBLIC follower as of 5/1/10 at 12am
  • You live in the USA (shipping costs, people!)
  • Please leave a comment in this post asking to be entered to win the eye pillow
  • Make sure I have an easy way of emailing you or contacting you either through your blog or profile.
I will do the drawing this weekend by letting my hubby pick a name out of a hat. I'll contact the winner by next Monday. My family members are not eligible to win.

Thanks for reading. Here are some linky treats for you!

A really cool guide to mudras. I don't know much about hand positions for meditation. I liked this guide.

My blogger skills aren't great right now I know these links should be renamed and "hidden" but I guess I still have more to learn. Always!

Thanks readers and friends for being with me on this fabulous journey.


catherine said...

I believe in the power of practicing and learning about one's own body.
Sounds like a rockin' manifesto, chica!!

Clicking on the yeahdave.com link took me here: http://kedarphotography.wordpress.com/
STUNNING photography!

Then I went back and typed in yeahdave.com and read and laughed aloud too. Belly laughs and Negro Modelo sound awfully good to me.

anna said...

Hmmm that's so weird - the yeah dave link above http://www.yeahdave.com/2010/04/26/big-round-heftysexy/ is the right one, I don't know why it's going to that photo site (where I got the lotus flower from...) thanks for the heads up!

Daba said...

happy blogoversary, Would like to enter my name for the beautiful eye pillow. Looks lovely. I'm in jersey city, nj and a fellow yoga instructor. Vinyasa/Power yoga...I don't teach or practice Bikram. Check me out at www.yogawithdaba.com and/or follow me on www.twitter.com/yogawithdaba
thanks! -daba

Tyran said...

That is strange, when I hover the link with my mouse, it shows the correct URL but does indeed go to kedar photography.

This is also my entry for the drawing.

catherine said...

Naturally - I just clicked on the mudras one and Iceland one, and they also took me to kedarphotog. :)

Here ya go, copy and paste, just take out the spaces before and after the <>
< a href="http://anmolmehta.com/blog/2010/04/26/yoga-mudras-free-illustrated-how-to-guide/" >mudras one< /a >

< a href="http://peaceloveyoga.blogspot.com/2010/04/vist-to-blue-lagoon-relaxing-magic.html" >Iceland's Blue Lagoon< /a>


catherine said...

no idea whether my comment just "took."

anna said...

Shoot. I am an amateur with the links :) I was noticing some weird stuff yesterday when composing this message. Sorry everyone!

@MuseKaren said...

Happy Blogiversary! Love your blog!

anna said...

Thanks! Hope you'll become a follower and get entered to win the eye pillow. Take care.

lz said...

Yay for your one-year-blogiversary! It sounds like you have been on an incredible journey; thank you for sharing parts of it with us. Giveaway sounds fabulous - I've been following your blog for several months now! :)

Yolk E said...

Hey Anna! I don't need the eyepillow--I just wanted to say congratulations and to comment on your family trip to China. I went to China and did the Yangtze river a few years ago... what a magical place. And a cool country, too, despite the political upheaval and human rights issues.

anna said...

lz - good to "see" you... I know you're one of my first followers (who's not related to me). :)

Yolk - did you see the lesser gorges? We went right as they were in the middle of constructing the HUGE dam. It was scheduled to fill over the last few years and these beautiful places - the lesser gorges, with sparkling green water, monkeys, steep cliffs, etc - are now totally under water, disappeared. Very cool and beautiful country. Different from us in many ways, human rights issues being a stand out issue to watch.

Jenny said...

So proud of you and everything you are doing, Anna! Congrats on a year of being a blogmaster.

anna said...

Blogmaster. :) hahaha

"hubby" said...

Hello. I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend. The winner of the drawing for the eye pillow is lz.