Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Taking Yoga for Granted

This morning I was debating what to do after work. Yoga is my standard on Wednesdays but the last few weeks it has been unseasonably warm and we've gotten a jump on some outdoor tasks in the afternoons. Sometimes that results in a workout, sometimes it does not. All the time it results in body conditions that need to be "undone" by yoga (like bending over, lifting, and reaching.)

It took about a heart beat for me to get my yoga clothes together. I was dragging a bit though. I realized - I'm so lucky - I just have to show up! I get to practice for free at my studio, with a great fun teacher who's class I haven't taken for three weeks or so... How can I take this for granted! It's a day that I don't have to teach after I take so I can actually rest in savasana, and do some pigeon pose to work on some hip tightness I am experiencing. I'm really looking forward to class now!

This morning I was up a little early so I transcribed the yoga sequence from the Gary Kraftsow DVD for acute lower back issues - stabilization and rehabilitation. I'm going to practice it a bit (quite a bit) and really get it under my fingertips so to speak to be able to teach it at worksites.

In addition, I'm designing a help go to sleep protocol (brief yoga series) for a PATH Adventure. I work for PATH (actually a sister organization) and our next health action plan is going to be for sleep. So I'm designing the series! Anything help you get to sleep?

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