Thursday, April 22, 2010

Practice, practice, practice.

The Bikram teacher training is starting again, and it's bringing up a lot of feelings for me as I just completed the last training this fall. I remember what I learned about any issues that came up for me then - practice, practice, practice. I have been a little like a wandering puppy who wants to wander away, but needs to come back to the Bikram studio where my newspapers are, so I can stay "on track." How many metaphors can you mix? I can mix a lot at a time!

It's such a beautiful thing, really, to go into the studio and work it out. With a Bikram practice, it's same series each time. It does truly turn into a moving, open-eyed meditation. Yesterday I was thankful for our studio's renewed focus on explaining a locked out knee - that it's not just pushing the knee back to its full range of motion but squeezing the heck out of the thigh of the standing leg, pulling up on the kneecap.

I fell fewer times that usual in standing bow. And I added in some viniyoga at the end to help loosen up my back and hips. So much external rotation and "contracting the thighs" is detrimental to my body without requisite balancing.

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