Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Mini Getaway

If you have three minutes and can close your eyes... you can enjoy a mini getaway at your desk!

Plant your feet, and move your hips toward the edge of your chair. Chest up toward the ceiling, and there you are - sitting with great posture. Pick up your hands and drop them onto your thighs to help relax the arms.

If you've heard anything about meditation, you might have heard something about "turning off the thoughts" and "just focusing on the breath." Well that is a difficult and confusing thing to do! The mind thinks. That's what it does. That's its job! So for a quick toe-dip into the world of meditation, try working with a simple phrase repeated continuously. This serves to tie up the energies of the mind while giving you a break, and the chance to feel yourself breathing.

Palms up on the thighs, return to your attentive position, and close your eyes. Wait! You have to finish reading this first, I guess!

Try repeating this phrase over and over. You can do it with the breath, or at whatever pace feels good.


Repeat this neutral phrase, eyes closed, with relaxed shoulders and jaw, for three minutes. Experience bliss!

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