Thursday, July 30, 2009

Classes 60 - 63 of the Summer Yoga Challenge

Class 60 - Studio Monday night. Challenging class. However I felt cool and collected - I worked hard and I had it in me to work hard.

Class 61 - home practice felt very little of the peace and strength I did the day before.

Class 62 - home practice ditto class 61

Class 63 - great strong home practice held all postures and did five camels instead of two.

My plans for the rest of the summer - I'm going away for three days, no bikram. Then seven days straight when I get home will get me to 70 classes down, 30 to go. I think a break after the seven days will be in order, then I will do a modified 30 day challenge - I'll do my best to do 30 days in a row but will not stress if it takes me a little over 30 days to complete those classes.

Then I will relax and drop back on my practice in preparation for training!

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