Thursday, July 2, 2009

Classes 27 & 28 SO CLOSE!

Almost done with the 30 day challenge!

Class 27 - in studio, teacher's b-day, good class. I noticed something wonderful. With all the extra focus points I have for the first three postures, they just fly by. The same is true all the way through the standing series. As I work harder, the class becomes EASIER. Instead of wallowing in my suffering and trying to do a "maintenance level" practice, I am working to deepen my practice as much as I can. It makes class more fun.

Class 28 - part of a double today. Class was wonderful. We did a silent class, which made it harder to work super hard in the breathing exercise for me. Having someone bark orders at me helps me remember all the focus points. My triangle pose was rock solid. The first time I did the new improved pose on Sunday afternoon I felt like my legs were going to collapse. Guess what - it's Thursday morning and it's automatic. Sure it's hard, but my body has accepted it and is moving forward. The body is an amazing machine.

Tonight I'll practice at home. Tomorrow I may complete my challenge at home, or may hit a neighboring studio for my final class. Then... HOLIDAY WEEKEND.

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