Monday, July 27, 2009

58, 59

58: Friday class in the studio, worked hard, worked it out. I did Rabbit pose all the way for the first time, ok, well maybe second time. I actually find it easier to try to hold the grip without the towel. I slip, but it's very encouraging to have this pose. Now there are no poses that I can't do somewhat respectably.

59: Home practice after a few drinks the night before. It wasn't the greatest in terms of stamina.

Ongoing challenges in my practice: the standing balancing poses are still challenging me - I can't stay on one foot for the whole time. Well to be more exact, when I really work the pose, I fall out of it.

My new triangle which is deep into the hips like it's supposed to be is very hard to hold for both sets both sides. I'm hoping to check in in a month again to see how I've progressed. Floor series is great.

Today I did some extra camels and about 45 minutes of non-bikram yoga when I awoke, including... backbending up and down the wall. A teacher recommended this to me, he recommended I learn it from another teacher who wouldn't teach it to me. Luckily, it showed up in my yoga journal this month and I recognized that I could definitely do it myself. Huzzah!!!

And congratulations to me for Saturday - yoga then nine holes of golf then two swimming holes. Not the most intense physical labor but I love knowing that I can do my practice AND whatever else life throws at me.

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