Monday, June 8, 2009

Classes 3, 4 & 5 of the 30 day challenge (17 - 19 of the summer)

Boy, practicing every day means the classes really start to blend together!

Friday night's class at my regular studio was excellent. We had 25 people in class! It was amazing. Nice and hot, lots of bodies, new folks... we even burst into applause for the new folks at the end of class.

Saturday I practiced at home. I put on some house music in the background while I practiced with Bikram's recording to see if it energized me. Sometimes I struggle with holding the poses all the way through so I was looking to see if the music might energize me. It did. Standing between poses is supposed to be a rest time but I ended up dancing a little bit. My favorite posture was beginning pranayama. I have felt a much stronger engagement of the stomach muscles by pulling them in on the inhale. It also gets the sweat rolling faster!

Sunday was back in the studio and I really felt "back" after my week off. I worked extremely hard. My left foot and ankle feels pretty weak so I'm wearing a brace today to support them and compress them. Hopefully continued practice will help me slim down and put less pressure on the foot when I practice.

I also had two choir concerts this weekend, and standing on those risers did not help my ankle.

I have officially put the cd of me reciting the standing series pose commands in my car cd player and will listen to nothing but for the next many weeks. It's not fun or pretty but hopefully the immersion will really help me. And this week begins my fundraising efforts. I am going to make three phone calls a night, I've put flyers out at the studio, and i'm going to (gulp) try to get my facebook friends to shoot some cash my way via paypal. I'm nervous about asking but everyone I've asked has been super cool and said yes right away.

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Jonas said...

I know a great band you could listen to while Bikram yells at you.