Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Class 25 - new practice

Wow, I have a new practice now.

I came into class ready to ramp things up or die trying yesterday. So from the start I engaged a lot of what I learned this weekend.

Pranayama - I squeezed my lower body rock solid throughout the entire breathing exercise. I tried to keep my tummy in the whole time too, didn't make it all the way with that.

Half moon - I swear I got about three more inches length just by "struggling harder." I have some stuff going on with my right shoulder and I've been holding back, but I just went deeper anyway. It was great. My second backbend was nice and deep. I love the new thing that I've learned about having the eyes preceed the hands as you go back, and just reaching and stretching as you reach your perceived maximum. I didn't get that googly feeling by doing this and went nice and deep.

Eagle - I just squeezed harder. Period.

Standing head to knee. I really worked the lifted leg feet back towards my face and felt the whole lifted leg really turn on. My balance sucked but it was great to feel that thigh muscle turn on.

Standing bow - I'm really working deeper, and working to stick the chin to the shoulder. I fall out but I'm deep into it.

Triangle - I've got my thigh bicep at a 90 degree angle. It kills. I couldn't hold it for the whole posture but I did all four passes. My legs were jelly and I went down for the rest of the standing series.

Nothing much to report on the floor series, I'm ok there and just kicked up the practice harder.

I am kind of dead today in the muscles, but that's life!

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