Monday, June 22, 2009

16 - 18 of 30... It's all starting to blend together

Friday Class
I was angry on Friday and my practice had "attitude" - I didn't want to work hard, I was frustrated, and I didn't blast out any negativity. I took it with me. I literally screamed in the car going home. That and a phone call with a friend made things better.

Saturday Class
Practicing at home rocked on Saturday! I lifted the flannel sheet drop ceiling I created in my yoga closet a few inches to ensure that I can extend my arms and index finger all the way in some of the standing postures. I grabbed my heels all the way in rabbit pose for the first time!

Sunday Class
Was unable to grab my heels on Sunday morning... in rabbit pose. I had a slippery class. Wind removing pose is fast becoming one of my least favorite poses. Before, it was a place where I could rest, the pose is not that hard. But practicing with shorts and bare legs and having my grip slip over and over is so frustrating!

So this week is all a warmup for the yoga retreat this weekend! I'll be living the life of doubles on Saturday and Sunday and I can't wait to feel what it feels like. It's the perfect way to complete my 30 day challenge. Technically I have eleven or 12 days left of practicing, but with doubles this weekend, I'll hit 30 before next week is over. I'm definitely taking the long holiday weekend OFF from yoga. Well... maybe... I'm taking off going to the studio to practice. Gentle non bikram at home is always recommended.

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