Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Two Breath Practices for you... Settle & Refresh

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I created this sheet for a friend who is feeling alternately tired and overstimulated.  The practices are meant to be used separately, not one after the next.

The Settle practice is Langhana, which means it is reducing.  It is an ideal practice for creating a little buffer zone between activities if you are rushing around and feeling pulled in a million different directions.  It's ideal for over-stimulation and racing mind.

The Refresh practice is Brhamana, which means that it is additive, nourishing, and will help revive your focus if you are tired or depleted.

Please enjoy.  Let me know about your experiences with the practices!


The Living Lotus said...

I love this and your writing is beautiful. Thanks for sharing Anna!

The Living Lotus said...

This is beautiful Anna. Thanks for sharing! <3

anna said...

Thank you for your presence on my blog - I'm so glad to share this with you Living Lotus!

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thanks for visiting Jackie!!!