Friday, June 7, 2013

Learning to slow down

image compliments of kansasgardenmusings

In the work of opening up my B3 chakra (see image here), I am experiencing a deep connection with who I truly am, with my natural state of kapha dosha.

Doshas are biological humors from the science of Ayurveda.  Most of us have a natural bent one way or another.  Want to learn your dosha type?  Take this quiz.  There are three main ones, and of course, we all have mixes of all three.  Learn more here, at Monica B's great site.  I am such a beginner at this that I'm definitely still learning, myself!

What I'm starting to get is that I've been overriding my body's natural messages - I have a slightly slower body rhythm than I think I do.  My head may be in hyperdrive, but my body works at its own speed.  My digestion is slower, I need a little less than I think, but most of all, I need to slow down.  When this chakra is open, through stretching, or breathing, or bringing my spine into conscious alignment, I naturally breathe more slowly, I drive more slowly, I type more slowly, and I move more slowly.

I would like to honor my body's natural speed.  It will take a great deal of practice to pull myself out of hyperdrive-in-the-head mode.  The way I can "drop" down into my body quickly is to feel my around my solar plexus, front and back of the body (this is just below the ribcage), and then drop a little lower, to right around the belly button.

If I've pulled myself out of rushing mode, I notice that the area has been tightened.  As though I had been shutting off this part of myself, my physiology, my structure, etc, while I was rushing around, trying to be a human efficiency machine!

Today I am going to chant to myself... I will get less done!  I will enjoy it!

Have a great day.

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