Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Thanks to my students

image compliments of Info Nepal

I had the great honor and chance to lead a silent Bikram class last night.  I remember the first "silent" I led.  I felt the void left when the words of the dialogue ceased to ring out, and the class ended fifteen minutes early.

Many regular students came to class last night.  My weekend marathoner from the local cadet academy, my dear friend with no cartilage in her ankle, and two broken toes on the other foot, and many others who I've helped through the gruesome beginner period into feeling a bit more comfortable.  I bring in the chair for the student with ankles that don't support her very well, and she does most of the standing series using a chair.  There is a great deal of excellent work you can do with this series from a chair.

In the silence, I delighted in being able to practice, as I don't get to practice the Bikram series in a hot room very much, not nearly as much as I'd like.  I delighted as well in the reactions of the students, who thought they would get lost in a silent class.  In a way, it was a new form of teaching.  These students have heard it through my language filter - which has a great deal of insight based on personal practice and breath instruction.  However, how better to get them into the spirit of the way I practice - with tender, focused, attention on the breath and stillness between the postures.

I myself had a great practice and didn't get too sucked into worrying about the time.  Of course, we ended right on time, at 90 minutes, and got to enjoy every last savasana.  The practice has really changed within me, as I couldn't have dreamed that we'd go faster than we did last night.  What a joy, and I thank my students very much for that opportunity.  Don't worry, energetic Anna in the Bikram room will be back, but recharged, and invigorated!

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