Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Moving with Grace: Free Personal Practice Development

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I'm excited to embark upon the satisfaction of program prerequisites for the upcoming Yoga Therapist certification program at the American Viniyoga Institute in January 2014.  I have offered two students free personal practice development packages of four hour-long consults, including an intake session.  I have a third offer out to fellow practitioners at my studio, Geezum Crow Yoga.  
Note, I'm not the studio owner or anything - it's my "home" studio. (Bless you, Linda!) 

A personal Viniyoga practice will be drastically different than the Bikram series we practice in the hot room.  Rather, Viniyoga is all about adapting asana, pranayama, chanting, and meditation to the individual.  I foresee an opening session that includes a good deal of discussion, finding out more about the student, and the students needs and desires.  

What is most important to you when thinking about building a 10-15 minute short sequence for daily practice?

We would conclude the first session with the practice of two postures, which will form the basis of the mini-sequence going forward.  Those two postures would be meant for daily practice.  Now these postures are not balancing stick or standing bow-pulling pose, mind you.  These are very different postures with focus on using the breath to move the spine, in and out of a gentle stretch.

Viniyoga uses the breath to guide movements.  I find it takes me to a much deeper place of connection; not just with my body, but with presence itself.

The subsequent sessions would involve an honest review by the student of the efficacy and desirability of the practice.  If you don't like it, you won't do it - so it's my job to find positions that answer a question you've held inside for a long time - asana-s that bring you relief.  The second session, we will work to fill out the two-posture sequence that has been introduced, and to modify it completely if necessary.

I foresee the third session as a further modification of the series, with a possible addition of breath practice - ratio or technique - as directed by my interpretation of student desires (if any).

In the fourth meeting, based on the needs of the student, we might explore a Sanskrit mantra to add, and finding some spot in the sequence for a few moments of quiet reflection or meditation.  Again, the addition of all of these wonderful elements would only come as it serves the students.

I look forward to working with a select few of you.  I hope this becomes my career, as it is my joy, passion, and dharma to serve you in this way.


Katherine Jenkins said...

This yoga therapist program sounds AWESOME. Good luck and thanks for visiting my blog!

anna said...

Thanks for visiting Katherine!
I will be enjoying your blog as well. It's added to my blogroll.