Wednesday, August 4, 2010

An incredible concrete result from 30 days of Bikram

Here are the results

And here's the excerpt.  This is absolutely amazing.

I have high blood pressure and diabetes.  Bikram's claim to help did meet me with skepticism on my part BUT I have to tell everybody my Blood Pressure has gone from hovering around 170/98 to a consistent 125/75! My doctor was astounded and actually took me off TWO different blood pressure medications I was taking.  My daily fasting blood sugar has dropped from 240 to 130! The only think in my life that has changed is 30 days of Bikram Yoga.

I can not recommend it enough, it is a miracle to me.  Although my postures are far from great, I try, and that is enough to receive my benefits. 


Young Yoga Masters said...

What a great testimonial! When new students ask me how often they should do yoga they are often shocked by the answer: everyday. This shows why.

anna said...

I can't agree enough. It can take years of kindness to oneself when we don't practice daily to develop the love that brings daily practice.

Make the mat a safe place - that's the first step, in my opinion. A place without judgment or forcing. A place where honest best effort is always ok, and taking a break when things get intense is always acceptable.

When that is the way we approach our practice, it becomes a joy to get on the mat every day!