Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Guest Teaching - I did it!

Wow, so beautiful!  Image compliments of Luk Waiho at wedding.lukwaiho.com
I teach all over my state in worksites, however, I had not taught Bikram in another studio until last night!  I was quite nervous but of course, things went wonderfully.  I ended up with two teachers in my class (the studio owner and an attendee.)  It was wonderful and fun.  I'm quite proud.

I "brushed up on my dialogue" as Manali would say and taught a strong class.  I noticed I was pushing through postures quickly - I ended up a few minutes earlier to the end of the floor series than usual.  This was a bonus because I'm usually rushing the final breathing.

For those of you who don't do Bikram, it's taught based on a dialogue (a monologue really) of instructions.  The partner in dialogue is the student's body.  Though thankfully my studio does not require strict dialogue, some studios do.  So I choose to keep my dialogue chops up but also teach in my own style all the time.  It's a nice way to balance the purist in me and my creative power.

In my own practice I've actually been... well... practicing in a more consistent manner.  It's like I fell back in love with Bikram.  It took a while after training.  But I'm back - fallen in love.


ellelove7 said...

I love talking about the practice like a relationship. We fight, we struggle, we make peace, and we make love with our own practice. :) It is definitely a romance that goes in and out, but once you fall in love you always come back to it at some point or another.

anna said...

Yes - it's actually calming for me in a way. I know I love yoga and it will always be there for me. I strive to be patient with it and not force myself too much. I can relax because I know that I'll be back on the mat.

Thanks for the comment!!