Friday, June 4, 2010

First official Mysore practice

I'm glad I was alone... I don't think it was very pretty - but I did it along with my Richard Freeman video. I made it up to about 90% through the standing series. I didn't stop because I had to, I stopped because I want to ground myself in the basics before moving forward.

Things I DIDN'T get:
- My sun salutations this morning were sluggish and I'm still dealing wtih a wrist injury. I didn't stay up off the hips.

- I didn't have the bandhas. Not for long at least!

- I didn't have the exact breathing, though I did my best on that front.

That said... I am looking forward to doing more. I have to be careful practicing in regular temperature however, as the muscles (especially the hamstrings) are tight. Amazing that this practice is done in the morning!

I'm also looking for tips on working the transition from chaturunga through up dog staying up off the hips.

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Emma said...

anna! your comment was amazing, and so so appreciated. i would love the sequence that you did. would you mind if i post it, with a link to your blog, of course, as well?

as i mentioned, i needed clare's post; i hadnt ever even considered what it would be like to teach to that population. it helped me get my mind out of the typical teacher routine of having expectations of my students re: abilities/flexibilities.

again... thank you so much!

education--- yeah!