Monday, May 3, 2010

Yoga Notes... and Congrats LZ!

Firstly - LZ CONGRATULATIONS! You won in an exciting drawing performed by my hubby last night, on the couch, with a laptop and an internet random number generator. See yesterday's comments from "hubby" on the giveaway post. How cute is he??

I'm hoping to start a regular feature - a sort of morning round up if you will of some blogs that I follow. Hope everyone had a restful and nourishing weekend. I saw a friend I haven't seen for about fifteen years and it was like no time had passed at all. I believe the lesson I continue to learn with friendships is that I have many wonderful friends from my past who will make my life fuller as I find and reconnect with them.

An interesting twist on food journaling - writing down not just what you do eat, but what you crave and pass up. I'm intrigued!

A meditation mantra and photos for gaining spiritual, emotional, and yes, even material wealth - in order to help others.

J's awesome TT blog... no need to say more.

via this amazing story about compassion in the real world. Not always pretty.


Yolk E said...

I just want to say I like the idea of linking to posts you're into! You know the internet--once you start, you just want to click, click, click!

anna said...

Thanks very much - I have been reading a lot about blogging as an art and a profession and realized there is a big difference between a sort of "dead end" blog and a blog that becomes part of a trail, you know? Thank you for the feedback!