Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A beautiful evening

Hubby and I went to work together yesterday for the first time in quite a while - thanks to my car being in the shop. It was such a nice way of beginning our evening together. We got home and relaxed in the living room, watching a storm roll in.

I wish I had some images to share with you because it was magical. We have a view from a number of big windows out over a bit of a valley and up a wall of mountains with sky lining the top. We are on one side of the valley about a third of the way up. As the storm threatened, the sky was many shades of black and gray. At war. Huge darker patches made a domineering backdrop to what you might usually consider the darkest colored storm cloud.

A wall of rain came over the mountain ridge. We could see it moving at a blistering pace swallowing everything in its path. From our perspective, the rain wall moved horizontally across our view - we got to see it march down the mountain.

The rain came, dashing first lightly on the sky lights then pounding, deeper, deeper, deeper, until tick! tick! tick! Tiny balls of hail rained down on the skylights and the deck, where they melted immediately. A few minutes of storm and the epicenter moved through, thundering and flashing light once, which I missed because I was petting a cat.

The sky changed again and a fuzz of orange light just over the ridgeline reminded us that indeed the sun was still there through the fog and rain. And as a few seconds passed, the most glorious sun emerged - shining brilliantly directly in our faces through the raindrops shimmering on the trees. A mist literally danced down the hill across the valley from us, breaking into three small mists being batted around by the mountain's fading foothills.

We sat in wonderment - will we ever see a light again like this? Maybe never. We looked out a side window for the rainbow that had formed, found it, and went back to sharing the play by play of the mist dancing around.

I thought I would share a moment that reminded me of Bikram's first lecture at my teacher training: Yoga is everything.

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bikramyogachick said...

sounds absolutely lovely!!