Friday, May 7, 2010

Balinese art, yoga, and most beautiful peaceful scenes

This video contains some of the most amazing images I've seen. Just watching it was like an eight minute vacation while sitting at my desk at work! Bali is an Indonesian nation which has a very interesting population - Bali contains the majority of Indonesia's Hindu population. However it is a Buddhist-inspired and Javanese-influenced version of Hinduism, one of the major tenets being that all gods and goddesses (many in Hinduism) are expressions of a single supreme deity or being. What a perfect place to practice yoga indeed.

Bali is known as an enchanted place, where the native population is peaceful and restful, and the surroundings awe inspiring. I particularly love the rich reds, golds and blues in the ornate finery you see in this video during a mass cremation ceremony, where a dragon effigy is burned as well and the smoke rises through the trees. The flowers - the lotus flowers - some of the most sculpted and delicate flower images I've ever seen are in this video. Makes my daffodils quake in their boots I'll tell you what!

Take a trip with a cup of tea and this video... You'll love it.

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