Wednesday, September 2, 2009

17 to go until 100 classes

Feeling strong in my practice. I'm feeling relaxed and happy. I'm not struggling to "fix" my practice anymore before I leave. I just want to appreciate what I have - great alignment in all postures and good focus. Sure, my standing head to knee is still an abomination. Sure my standing bow pulling pose is super wobbly - but pretty when I can get into it without falling.

Sure I fall out of balancing stick just about as much as I stay in it.

Sure these are the complicated looking poses that everyone kind of checks each other out as they practice - but I will be fine, my practice is fine, I hope to not make a big deal at training. I don't need to meet Bikram or get really involved. I'm there as a personal practice. I'm there to meet a great physical challenge with my best, to try to not let the sleep deprivation get the best of me, to deliver and nail down that dialog, and to come home happy, healthy, strong, and trim.

I can't fail by doing my best. And sometimes giving or performing at my best means backing off and resting. Woo hoo! Vegas here I come!

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info said...

you are beautiful and strong and that is a wonderful attitude to have and share with future clients!