Wednesday, September 9, 2009

12 more classes

The studio has been closed for a week so I've done a lot of home practice. I have been feeling some strange twinges all over - especially in my knee. I just try to be calm and know that the yoga really does heal everything if I can practice and be mindful and careful.

I have less to say about any one class... I can't wait to practice in the studio again. In the studio - the teacher says it, you do it. At home, sometimes I struggle to keep myself motivated to, say, stay in floor bow for the entire time I should.

My home yoga closet was 110 yesterday. I don't have a humidity monitor but I had a humidifier going full blast for quite a while before I started. It just felt great. I hope I'm heat-ready.

The last 3.5 weeks before I leave are kind of bittersweet. I feel nerves mixed with glee mixed with anticipation and wanting to go right now. However I need this last bit of work to get things done and get the whole thing paid for. This Friday I'll send my final payment (but will still have 3000 to pay off when I return.) So I guess that's final payment for now.

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