Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Seven Realms and the Gayatri Class

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It's almost impossible to write about this class... so here's a blog-post-arm-chair stroll through it.  It is one of the most profound classes I've ever experienced.  I taught it, but I've practiced it as well.

I'll assume you can chant the Gayatri (what a blessing!!!)

Start in a comfortable seated posture.  We'll first identify the central channel by walking down the front and up the back.  Attention to the third eye, the pit of the throat, just below the ribcage, navel, 2" below the navel, perineal floor... then to the sacrum, the mid-low back across from the navel, the center of the back at the bottom tips of the shoulder blades, T1, base of the skull, crown...

Then inhale down the central channel... exhale upwards.

Chant the seven realms Om bhuh... all the way up to Ogm Satyam.  Hands on cakra points.  Repeat chant at each cakra point 10x or until there is vibratory sensation, then move upwards.  Pitch constant.  Include Ogm Satyam gesture.

Chant the Gayatri 3x... increasing volume.

Come to the floor for apanasana.  Enjoy the sensation of the Earth supporting your arms, trunk, skull and feet before picking up to prep for asana.  Repeat 5x... then chant Om Bhuh on exhale 5x.  Connect again with the Earth.

Pelvic tilts for second cakra... connecting with the water.  Let the breath initiate the pelvic tilts and hear the breath as the waves lapping the shore.  After five silent reps to develop the bhavana, chant Om Bhuvah on exhale.

For the structure, a few repetitions of urdhva prasarita padasana, one leg at a time, with a little pointing and flexing at the ankle in the mix.

Cakra Vikasana next, with krama exhale.  Connecitng with digestive fire.  After five repetitions with great attention to the navel, chanting on first half of exhale Ogm Suvah.  Rest.

Virbhadrasana with mudra.... hands to heart center (base center of ribcage.  Inhale hands/arms open wide (feel the air inside the chest for a short retention), exhale hands to mouth to feel the air escaping.  Drop hands to heart center to repeat.  After five repetitions to connect with the air element, chant on ex Om Mahah.  Catch the last ha sound in your hands.  Repeat both sides no chanting then alternate again for chanting set.

Uttanasana with Jalandhara Bandha and arm gesture - Inhale arms sweep out in space.  Retain, drop the chin (slight jalandhara bandha).  Exhale, firm belly and bend forward, tracking the hands down the backs of the thighs.  Five repetitions to connect with the space all around... then chant Om Janah on exhale.

Minor lateral with hands in anjali mudra, index finger against third eye point.  Keeping an internal focus (individual consciousness), inhale and create lateral flexion to one side.  Exhale to center (this movement is wonderfully small and cocoon-ish).  Repeat five times to each side silently.  Then chant Om Tapah on ex (five times to each side, second set).

Finally, Tadasana with the arm mudra for Ogm Satyam.  Five repetitions silent.  Five repetitions with the chant active.

Stand in stillness.  Profound stillness.

Chant the Gayatri three times.

Counter pose to prepare for pranayama (maybe just cakra vikasana or maybe vajrasana, supine twist, and apanasana).

Pranayama four repetitions of nadi sodhana for each cakra point ascending.  Just sense energy point, don't worry about mental chanting.   (Clear the nadis for optimum central channel openness).

Rest in silent stillness.

Take a savasana.  Tour the realms then drift.  See the picture at the top?  There's a stone/mountain.  The waves lapping the shore.  Maybe further on there's a beach campfire raging tall.  The fire burns smoke into the air above it...maybe a kite flies in the wind.  The sky background opens up into infinite space.  The individual consciousness exists.  And then merges into All-That-Is.

Rest for 5-7 minutes.

Chant the Gayatri 3x, from soft to loud.

Best. Class. Ever.  I was so crystalline-ly present for hours afterwards.  I had to do this practice the next day!!!  And hopefully as a regular occurrence for the next while.

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