Friday, November 5, 2010

Iyengar fabulous

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I started an Iyengar class last night that I'll be attending for at least seven weeks.  Boy was it awesome!!!  The teacher taught at a local yoga festival I attended and I was sure to catch her class, as I've been curious about her for some time now.  

I was greatly inspired by her class at the yoga festival and found that she had a series starting yesterday.  The class was well attended - it's her level1/level2 iyengar class (as opposed to her foundations yoga class).  I have done some Iyengar in the past in NYC at the beautiful center there and loved it.  So much yoga, so little time!

Anyway yesterday we did a lot of work on extending the upper thigh bones out of the pelvis.  Also a great and difficult downdog to chatturunga move repeated a few times.  My chatturunga hold is measly.  My form is good but my stamina is lacking.  I don't practice enough sun salutations!  The series culminated in full arm balance (handstand) which she helped me get up into and I balanced off the wall (awesome!)

It was a great wonderful amazing class.  She's a strong and challenging teacher with a firm voice that demands compliance.  What I miss from iyengar is a real emphasis on subtle opening in small parts of the body.  I was able to modify everything for pregnancy with relatively little change from the rest of the class.  I have a feeling I'm going to learn a lot from practicing with her pregnant as far as how to modify.  Sure I know the Bikram pregnancy modifications but that only covers the Bikram class.  I know the basic tenants but there were things I learned last night.

My sanskrit is a little rusty so I'll just call the pose separate leg drape over front leg, hips rotated - I learned that pregnant or menstruating you don't have the heels in one line so as to leave more room (less pressure) on the pelvic area.

I had a total blast.  I'll be teaching Bikram tonight.  I practiced some in the last week but am also making sure I get my swimming in.  

Take care yogis and yoginis!

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