Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Moving through the first trimester - introducing pregnancy modifications

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I started to incorporate the pregnancy modifications and it's been wonderful.  I had a sonogram and I am over 11 weeks along so it's been the perfect time to start adding them in.  I've felt a little weird in the belly down stuff for a while so it's nice to have a set of postures I know I can do without hitting contraindicated things.  This allows me to do class at 100% of my ability, rather than dropping off here and there working at 50% or less in a pose that I know will eventually be contraindicated.

One thing about the pregnancy series that I miss is the hormone flushing effects of standing separate leg forehead to knee and rabbit.  Instead, I do down dog.  Good for the upper body strength, but not so good for pressure to the pituitary gland.

I will have to post more on this subject, but I'm happy in the hot room, sharing the news in my studio, and feeling very healthy otherwise.  I even ate KALE last night.  I normally like kale and leafy greens but in my first trimester it's been difficult to keep up my veggie intake.  Without nausea to blame, I feel it's important to give it the old college try, so that's what I'm doing.  By the way, we added bacon to the kale.  That's how you make anything palatable apparently!

Teaching has been great recently - and I just got my bikram certificate finally after paying off the last $3500. My hubby gave me a nice gift certificate to get it framed.

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ellelove7 said...

Bacon makes everything better. :)