Thursday, September 30, 2010

A** on a platter

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First trimester plus jet lag plus triangle = complete collapse.

I had a brutal practice yesterday.  Though I entered and left the room with a smile on my face.  This pic is of a thorn flower, because practicing yesterday was a thorn in my side.

I took a week off to go on vacation (which was booked before we got the positive pregnancy test.)  We had a wonderful time.  It was like a honeymoon, only four years delayed.  I managed to stay away from nausea and have a good time.  The travel there and back was tough - especially dealing with the six hour time difference.

I had a pretty good idea that yesterday would be difficult.  Just walking into the hot room felt uncomfortable.  Bad sign.  In pranayama, I was dripping sweat and struggling a bit.  By the end of the warm up, I knew it was not to be a great class.

I did not kick out in standing head to knee, but still, by the second set of standing bow, I was kneeling about every other set.  I felt waves of nausea and lightheadedness when I tried to stand up for tree/toe stand so I just went into savasana.  I noticed I was pretty clenched - uncomfortable... even my face showed it I'm sure.  It's tough as a teacher to be sitting out so much of class.  I don't have a baby bump and only the teachers know I'm pregnant so it's a real ego check to practice appropriately and take care of myself.

The spine strengthening series is difficult for me to begin with as my breasts are sore.  Last night I was barely picking myself up a few inches.  Bow pose was a joke.  By fixed firm I couldn't believe how badly I was feeling and felt the need to leave the room and get some electrolytes to mix with my water (I use Ultima).

I completed most of the rest of class... first set of camel was a no go, but I did do the second set.  I did the super beginner modification of rabbit (hands on the floor).  Seperate leg head to knee with stretching happened at about 50% of my normal effort and strength as did spine twist, and I did some exhales on the floor (supine) as people did kapalabhati breathing.

I was toast.  I was dripping sweat.  It was amazing.  I got home and had to have OJ mixed with water and I rested on the couch.

So... I'm looking forward to getting my practice back little by little.  I know the jet lag and return to work were complicating factors.  And, when you take time off you always pay for it!

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