Thursday, January 14, 2010


that's back to back...

I am exhausted - I did 3 hrs of yoga last night with a 25 minute break in between. The second class was not bikram exactly, it was "hot yoga." I know I would have been better mentally if it had been Bikram, because I knew what to expect. Instead it was a bastardized version of the series, which I really don't dig very much. However, it's not my class, not my studio, not my problem. I did it because a friend asked me to stay and do it with her. It wouldn't have been such a big deal had I not been working out at the gym a bunch this week and eating light.

It was nice to take the first class easy - I didn't slack off at all, just kept it light and stayed right within the range of happy thoughts, happy mind, no struggle. I was surprised, actually, at how much my postures were about 80% the same with that kind of mindset. Sometimes it's important to turn down the "struggle" dial and let the practice be, pay attention to the breath and the room, etc.

Have not done much on the meal planning front, though have been enjoying some tasty delights.

On Sunday, I whipped up this veggie/minestrone/mulligatawny soup.

I had steamed some broccoli so had some broccoli water. Started there.

Added a head of cauliflower, rough chop

one pepper rough chop (could have used more)

Added kale that needed to be used

one onion

green onions

can of diced tomatoes (big)

de-fatted chicken broth (quart at least, it was a big soup)

lots of turmeric and ginger

other spices - s&p, garlic powder, crushed red pepper

optional - bag of edamame thawed or red beans cooked
tiny touch of olive oil.

continue to spice as it cooks - ginger and turmeric being the keys here!

I mean holy moly it was so tasty. I LOVE it. It was so easy to put together, especially since we had good homemade chicken stock ready to go. It was super easy... usually I would sautee the veggies before adding the broth but I just started the

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