Monday, January 25, 2010

Back to the dialogue...

I recorded myself last June delivering dialogue. I used editing software to cut out the mistakes and the breaths so it's like machine-gun rapid fire dialogue. It does not have the softer edge that I brought out at training (and that is essential to teaching). However, it's very useful for just hearing the words over and over and over.

Upon return from training, I was listening to dialogue in my car (again, just like before training!) A few weeks ago I pretty much hit my limit with that. I was even making cds of "problem poses" and listening to selects. This morning I went back to the old reliable, the cd with the full series on it, all the dialogue from the packet minus secondary dialogue and pranayama.

Boy is the dialogue amazing. There is so much information CRAMMED in to those 46 pages or whatever it is. Tiny things like exhale breathing before you suck in the stomach and sit down into first part awkward. I had been leaving out that exhale. I also have been leaving out certain other things. A specific one that I can note is the eye gaze focus commands in tree and toe. I remember by toe focus on the floor four feet in front of you, usually say it on the second side.

I am glad I took a break from listening to it. When you start to get angry every time you start the ignition, it's time for a break. What did I find on break? A bunch of depressing news on NPR. Some interesting stories, but a bunch of depressing news, some snarky tones in the reporting about Obama (NPR always trying to seem like they're not liberal-leaning and so they jumped on that Mass senate election travesty like white on rice.)

Ooh... let's not get into politics. Really let's not. I used to be a politics junkie, then I started dealing with more important things. In getting ready for training I let that go completely and just focused on the yoga... and I have to say I like it better that way. Politics riles the blood. I am not apathetic, but I don't need to have my finger on that pulse.

Yesterday I taught the Sunday morning class... packed like sardines, about two away from room capacity. Managing the heat in our small studio with a class like that is difficult. The heat is easy. The humidity is the key. I knew that it would get humid beyond control quickly wiht all the bodies (and the low ceiling.) I turned off the heat early as the humidity climbed. We practiced with windows open almost the whole time to manage the humidity. It was a great class. I'm happy to return to my dialogue studies and bring more and more dialogue into my teaching.


thedancingj said...

Love it!! I love going thru the dialogue and finding the things that I've missed. The bits I forget to say are ALWAYS the things that I'm forgetting to do in my own practice. I've found soooo many little corrections for myself this way. Check out the second sets, too... I'm in love with 2nd side of triangle!!

ariella said...

The class that I took before I taught yesterday featured the second set of triangle dialogue! Or at least parts of it. Stretch up, stretch up, stretch up... you're going to touch the ceiling pretty soon!

thedancingj said...

YES! "Quick, right arm stretch up, you're going to touch the ceiling pretty soon" is probably my FAVORITE. "Body up more, there should be a big gap -TRIANGLE!!!!! - between the chest and left thigh...."

ariella said...

that one is a nice little revelation hidden in the second set dialogue!