Friday, August 21, 2009

Four more down, 26 to go!

Had a great couple of classes back. One of them I took from a teacher who went to the training this spring. Coincidentally, I felt I had a crappy practice that day. I told her I was worried about being one of the wobbliest people at training. She said, you won't stick out one way or the other. Your practice is solid and your alignment is good. There will be plenty of people at the teacher training who are better than you are, and PLENTY who will be less experienced and won't have as strong a practice as you have.

That was great for me to hear, from someone so fresh back from the training. She also said that the work I've been doing with the dialog is great and that I'll be in good shape.

I feel happy to be back practicing. I am not positive I'm going to do these 30 last classes in a row. I'll do my best to practice every day, but I'm not going to stress over it as I try to see friends and family before I leave.

My wrist is feeling great these days!

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