Thursday, July 16, 2015

Matter over mind

Image compliments of McGill Packlab
I'm enjoying my lunch.  Wait... am I?

As I packed up the leftovers from dinner last night, I thought, "Hmmm... this might make a good lunch."  Then I picked up the tupperware this morning to find that the "mice" (dear husband) had gotten to it in the night, and there was half as much as was there last night.

I had a sinking feeling this morning that, "It wouldn't be enough."  

One chicken thigh and a cup of sauteed cauliflower.  I threw in some lettuce greens and headed to work.

On my way back to the office from an appointment, I had to resist the urge to get a small soup (ooh - white bean soup - protein - it will be perfect.  It will make my lunch an appropriate amount).

I force myself to slow down and enjoy the food, because if I don't, it will be gone before I know it, and I will be sad.

Instead of bemoaning the "too small" amount of food, I take smaller bites.  I imagine how one chicken thigh could be 30 bites, or 10 bites.  I take breaks.  I chew completely and swallow before having more.

And somewhere along the way I realize, this is just right.  This is just the amount my body needs, not too little at all.

I wonder for how many years (and pounds) thoughts about my body:

  • I'll be hungry later.
  • I need more protein.
  • This isn't enough food.

have been taking the place of the TRUE needs of my mind:

  • I need more relief.
  • I need more downtime.
  • This isn't enough self-care.

Because with a SLOWER, smaller lunch... there actually seems to be no downside.  Matter is satisfied.  It's the mind that needs to be understood, soothed, and given times of rest.


Melissa said...

Amazing! And inspiring. sometimes it's so hard to slow down and be in the moment! Good for you!

Anna Van Fleet said...

Thanks for visiting, Melissa!!! It is amazing he hard it is to be still. To move slowly. Every day I renew my practice.

Anna Van Fleet said...
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