Friday, January 24, 2014

Yoga Therapy Training Trip Starts Tomorrow Morning

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A new dawn will be breaking for me tomorrow.  I'm off the the American Viniyoga Institute Yoga Therapy Training.  Since completing my 300-hr teacher training with them last March, I've been saving everything.  Every morsel of money, every scrap of vacation, every favor I can earn to enable myself this two week learning experience.  This is the first session of four, and I'm letting go of calculations on the rest of the training just to savor the reality that I made it this far.

When I graduated last March from the teacher training, four years after completing my Bikram certification, I was unemployed.  Blessings now that I have a stable government day job that affords me the ability to follow my passion.  I'm attending the training to fulfill my dharma, to give yoga therapy to those experiencing suffering, who are asking for relief.  One of my goals in the training is to put myself first - to act as my own client.  I have a ways to go before I will be in the position to open my own practice.  I want to pay for this program and have another kid so that locks me in for a few years of quiet building.

During this next period I hope to negotiate time for myself and tend to my needs for bodily movement, proper nutrition, and crafted care suiting exactly who I am each day.  I hope to bask in the sunshine of self love.  It has been a long time coming.  My warm buds of tenderness are starting to grow inside my heart with the chant I've incorporated into my life:

Atma Hrdaye - Let my life force be linked to my heart
Hrdayam Mayi - Let my heart be linked to the truth within me
Aham Amrte - Let this truth be linked to the Eternal
Amrtam Anandam - that Eternal which is unending bliss

It's been a week of real ups and downs as I feel I'm bursting at the seems of my capabilities.  Working at 100% on many fronts to manifest this trip has been draining physically, emotionally, financially, etc.  I thank all the many people who have made this journey a reality.  I like to think of the many people who have supported me as I help someone with the tools of yoga therapy, knowing that they have paid into this gift.

At my day job, numerous people come to me with complaints and ask for help.  I'm "on call" and can at least talk to anyone who asks for help.  My ability to help may be limited, but if someone is really serious, we arrange for paid sessions outside of the workplace to keep things legitimate and out of the realm of the risk managers.  Namaste... thanks for stopping by.

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