Monday, February 25, 2013

... because you're worth it yoga

image compliments of nc state university, and Eric Evans - pieris japonica

What do you do for you?

What do you do that feels wonderful and exhilarating?

What nourishes you?

I do yoga, every day.  It feels good to be in my body when I do yoga.  Yoga calms my mind and makes me feel receptive, rather than wounded (sometimes).  I am playing with a few sequences for different aspects of myself.  I'm strengthening my neck, the right side of the neck, below the ear.  I might do a simple practice and some quiet breathing exercises if I only have a few minutes to spare.  I may stand on my head as part of an hour of strong asana-s (with proper preparation and compensation - don't do this at home on a whim, find a teacher!)

For some, exhilaration comes from jumping from airplanes or mountain climbing.  For me, a half hour lying on the floor can be the best time of my day.  That's right, sometimes yoga is a not-doing.  On purpose.  

Supported by the floor, I can let my body truly melt, especially with a pillow under my knees.  Finding an even distribution between right and left sides, as best as I can, I simply drift, and ride the breath.  It's hard to release that last little bit of control, and let the breath naturally flow.  Many teachers talk about the breath "breathing you" which is a strange metaphorical phrase but it's one I love.

The breath seems to be beside us at all times, consciously and unconsciously, we interact with it, we notice it, we begin to take our own temperature.  Not just on the mat, but always.  A kind of coming home, an act of self-care.  I will be with me in a caring way for this time.  I will respond to what I need right now.  I will have my needs met in this way.  It helps me to be stronger in helping others.

On days I don't practice, I have a shorter fuse and I'm naturally more... obnoxious, I think.  On days that I practice late in the day, I feel much relieved to step on my mat.  On days I practice and teach, I feel a true gift in my life.
...because I'm worth it.
...because you're worth it.

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