Friday, July 9, 2010

Moving slowly in the heat

Image compliments of - get it?  A snail?  Moving slowly?  :)
What is moving with grace for me these days?  It's been a period of calm, quiet introspection.  I've been practicing but not pushing or straining.  I've made it into the pool a few times as well.  I'm headed to teach my first class tonight in 1.5 weeks.

There come times when the best thing to do is to "not do."  To move at a slow pace.  To do the bare minimum and be really glad to have done so.  I'm going through a period like that, of calm and quiet, of light practice and effort, of minimal movement and lots of water.

It's hot, it's summer, it's time to enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post Anna. I have such a hard time with this. Even though I worked really hard today, the majority of it was at my I didn't "move" much. I should feel good about the awesome work I got done, but instead I'm ruminating on the fact that I didn't get myself to even go for a walk.

It needs to be OK for me to sit and not move at times, whether I'm working or just, sitting! Thank you for the reminder.

anna said...

Hi YogiBear :) I am at constant battle with my should's. Sometimes my shoulds keep me from doing my can-easily's. :)