Tuesday, March 23, 2010

a GREAT dialogue class

I don't know. I think something really clicked for me watching Diane teach and use the dialogue. I have most of it in my brain - last night's class was EXCELLENT. I was extremely methodical and was able to make a lot of little tweaks on people. It was a great class. The dialogue helped me help them work harder and deeper in the postures. It single-handedly allowed me to make the class about 10-20% harder while keeping my voice helpful, cajoling, and calm.

That's what the big difference is between using the dialogue and not. The dialogue makes it harder. There is no vagueness. No room for it. Not much room for try - but you can add that in if you see someone struggling who needs encouragement to stay with A before moving to B.

Practice? Well... I had hoped for more "improvement" in my standing bow balance. I ended up kicking my water bottle across the studio when I came out and landed on it. I was so in the zone it totally knocked me out of orbit! I was working a lot of things in my personal practice that I learned this weekend and was able to keep my heart really really pumping all the way through the floor series. That's what the last posture clinic I went to did for my practice as well - showed me all the places I can work harder to gain depth. Had a great practice.


catherine said...

Not sure if you are a Facebooker, but my friend Audrey posted a couple pictures from the posture clinic here.

ariella said...

I am a facebooker, thank you, and thankfully I am not in any of those pics :) haha

Lady J said...

I always think that it must be so difficult to go from the dialogue to a correction and then back to the dialogue again.
I've heard some instructors that waver from the dialogue, I used to like that better. Now I'm very fond of the consistency of the dialogue.
Thanks for the post:)

ariella said...

It definitely takes skill and practice. In a sense it's easier though because if you really stick to the A then B then C (and don't do C if you haven't done that which precedes...) if you're correcting the heels in awkward, no one in the room sits down till that's correct. But at other places in the dialogue it's harder - like standing bow... I'm not going to stop and dwell on getting the foot over the head when I know many will not get there.

thedancingj said...

Aaaahh, I am super excited for you!! This is so great. And there ain't nothing wrong with falling out of standing bow. ;-)

And of course, not everyone can see foot over the top of their head, but EVERYONE can work on getting their body DOWN, which is the real purpose of that line anyway (in my opinion!) Come down and KICK, so your foot "should be" coming up over the top of your head... for some of them, it's not there yet, but it is coming... :-D